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About Dr. Linda

Dr. Linda is a speaker, author, and life coach dedicated to helping individuals build better relationships in every area of life. For almost two decades, her seminars, couples coaching, and personal development sessions have helped to transform lives.

She is a motivational speaker in the Les Brown Speaker’s Network and was co-host of the “Love and Relationships” show on Atlanta’s 1380 WAOK. Her perspectives and advice have been heard on numerous radio and television shows throughout the country.

Dr. Linda holds a B.A. & M.A in Psychology and a M.A. & Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Organizational Psychology, respectfully. She has recorded a CD entitled “Healthy Relationships: Plain & Simple” with The Motivator Les Brown and “What Every Single Woman Should Know: Dating” with motivational speaker Ona Brown.

Additionally, Dr. Linda recently penned the first book of her “Tame Your Tongue & Transform Your Relationship” series, and also co-authored of “Giving Gratitude”, part of the best-selling series “Wake Up…Live the Life You Love”.


Tame Your Tongue & Transform Your Relationship

Based on Dr. Wiley’s book with the same name, this workshop introduces 4 communication patterns, or tongues, and the characteristics of each.  Two of the tongues are positive and two are not.  After taking an assessment to determine which tongue you tend to use, tips are provided to help you speak with a more caring tongue.  Why? Because when we speak we either speak life into our relationships  or we speak death into them.  If you and your partner need to communicate better, this workshop is for you!


This self-esteem seminar can be spiritual-based or not.  Either way, participants take a look at themselves (the way God sees them) and learn to appreciate themselves just the way they are.  They pledge their understanding that they are who they need to be for this season of their life and that, while they will continue to become better (more Christ-like), they have value because they are enough.

Picking the Right Partner

Instead of finding Mr/Ms Right, do you keeping finding Mr/Ms Wrong? this workshop will help you understand the main reasons why relationships fail.  You will have an opportunity to create your own compatibility shopping list — the characteristics that you need in a mate — and leave feeing more confident that you can find the right person for a lasting, loving relationship.

The 7 Factors of a Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships don’t just happen.  They take a lot of work.  While there are many things that contribute to a relationship being healthy, there are 7 things that you cannot do without.  Learn what they are.

Communicating Between the Sexes

It is true that “men are from Mars and women are from Venus”.  That leads to very interesting conversations.  In this seminar, we discuss the different communication styles characteristic of most men and most women.  We offer tips for bridging the communication gap for a healthier, more productive exchange of information.

In Due Season

This is a motivational/inspirational message that describes the process involved and the emotions felt as you seek your purpose, own it, and thrive!

You Have Been on this Mountain Long Enough

A spiritual-based message that speaks to people who are procrastinating and/or in despair.  Using scripture, we motivate and encourage you to change your attitude, thoughts, and behaviors to move beyond your present circumstances and enter what God has in store for you.

Confidence Makeover

A combination of message and pampering to develop a new look and a new attitude.

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Dr. Linda’s Latest Book Release

Tame Your Tongue & Transform Your Relationship

What we say affects our relationships more than any other action we take. When you speak to your mate, do you bring life, warmth, and comfort? Or do you bring pain, negativity, and death? Your answer may indicate that you need to tame your tongue. If you do, you will transform your relationship.

Inside this book is the key to:

  • Determine if you speak in a way that others would describe as controlled, conniving, careless, or caring
  • Learn new ways to develop a more positive communication style
  • Understand how your “tongue” impacts your relationships with others
  • Enjoying a loving, peaceful relationship
  • Becoming transformed!

A transformed relationship is one in which there is tremendous support and love. If you want to experience a transformed relationship, then you must invest in taming your tongue. Your transformation depends upon conscious choices. And your conscious choices depend upon an increased awareness of yourself and your willingness to change. Take this first step. Tame your tongue and transform your relationship. 

Tame Your Tongue & Transform Your Relationship book

Understand how your “tongue” impacts your relationships with others.

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I’ve traveled around the world and heard the best of the best but, I’ve never heard anyone break it down like that (give sound relationship advice) & without using any jargon.

Les BrownWorld Renowned Motivational Speaker

I heard Dr. Linda on the radio and was completely inspired by the relationship advice she was giving!

Stacy L.Chattanooga, TN

I met Dr. Linda through pre-marital counseling at my church. One of the great things I learned from Dr. Linda is that communication (the type spoken about in her book) has got to be present if you want to have a lifetime friend, a lifetime husband, lifetime wife.

L. WigginsAtlanta, GA

Dr. Linda offers sage advice on an age-old topic all of us face and will continue to be challenged with – how to manage our relationships effectively. She is uniquely able to blend the conversation with academic foundation and practical application.

T. WhiteStone Mountain, GA

Professional, creative, direct, ambitious, and completely human. These are just a few words to describe the caring and passionate God fearing woman I am happy to know professionally and personally.

Carol B.Johns Creek, GA

Dr. Linda changed my life one night as I listened to her on the radio educating the world on relationship patterns. I didn’t have a clue about what relationship patterns were at the time, but after listening to her I learned so much about myself.

Kendra C.Atlanta, GA

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